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Early diagnosis and treatment are important for maintaining good vision.


Our Services

Children's Eye Exams
The American Optometric Association recommends that a child's first eye examination should be at 6 months of age. We strongly recommend that all children should be examined before they enter school. Dr. Davis has been screening children at Vandalia Preschool for 13 years now and is constantly amazed at how many children need visual correction or more.

Adult's Eye Exams
The recommended frequency of eye examinations for adults vary with age, medical history, family history, occupation, and other factors. Individuals deemed "at risk" such as people diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension, those who work in highly visually demanding or eye hazardous occupations, those who take certain medications with ocular side effects and those with health concerns should consider regular examinations every year or two as recommended by your health care professional. In all cases, early diagnosis and treatment are important for maintaining good vision.

Post-Operative Care
Our staff is trained in the post-operative care of Cataract, corneal transplant, PRK, LASIK, retinal detachment, and many other forms of follow-up care. We work closely with many local ophthalmologists as well as ophthalmologists from Columbus and Cleveland.

Contact Lens Fitting
We fit the hard to fit. We specialize in disposable, daily disposables, extended wear, ridged gas permeables, astigmatism lenses, keratoconus lenses, contacts after corneal transplants, and children.

Frames and Contacts
At Vandalia Optometry we have a full selection of the latest fashions in eyewear. Our stock of frames boasts the best from designers and brands such as Jimmy Choo, Nike, Kate Spade, John Varvatos and many others. We’ll make most of the lenses for your frames in-house to insure the highest quality. Do you have a special request? Perhaps you’re looking for a particular type of sports frame, chances are we have it and if we don’t we can order it and get it to you quickly.

Additional Specialties
We specialize in computer related visual problems and their correction as well as Glaucoma treatment, foreign body removal, corneal abrasion care, punctal occlusion therapy, dry eye syndrome and many other eye related traumas and diseases. With the addition of our OCT instrument, we can also perform retinal photography, optic nerve testing, and advanced glaucoma testing.

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